Marmoprado, company based in the North of Portugal, approximately 7km from the center of the city of Braga, in the parish of Vila de Prado. Firm contours family sees itself as a global project in the processing and sale of ornamental, integrating a wide range of products / services, as well as a team of highly experienced professionals, all framed according to criteria of complementarity, quality and technical cooperation in obedience to the movements of demand and needs expressed by the market which is solidly positioned.


Mercy, an innovative performance through a constant evolution of the design of their products /services, aligned with values ​​of customer focus, high sense of ethics, rigor and social responsibility, and also containing advanced technology in carrying out its activities.


It is one of the basic objectives Marmoprado meet the needs of its customers by providing excellent services and the best selling products that are in the market, thereby exceeding the expectations of its diverse and distinct customers.